Toys "Made in USA"

Toys "Made in USA" means you paid for long lasting quality and pride. These quality "Made in USA" products will last for years, not just weeks.

Is brand name so important?
Most of the consumer cost of brand name products is in the name. Most brand names are made in countries with very little or no labor costs and very little environmental regulations. No import tariffs are paid by these American based manufacturers and only about 1/3 of the actual labor is American in the way of administration and sales. What you pay for with “Made in USA” products are American labor, American made materials and 100% of the consumer cost of that "Made in USA" product goes into the local, regional and even the national economy.

These games are "Made in USA" such as non-electronic, blocks, puzzles, cars, trucks, dolls, play-sets, etc.

If you are a manufacturer of games, we would like to list them on "Made in USA".
We will not list products that are be manufactured and/or assembled in other countries as well as the United States.
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Countryside Gifts
All of our products are lovingly hand-crafted in our wood shop using the finest grade woods and materials. Our products are beautifully finished using only nontoxic finishes.

Down to Earth Toys
Down To Earth Toys offers top quality toys, games and gifts Made in the USA.We feel that protecting your child, while also supporting America's economy, are of utmost importance.

Processed Plastic
Our current line includes toys in the following categories; Ride-Ons, Spring & Summer, Storage Units, Vehicles & Playsets, Mini Figures, Doll Accessories, and Banks.

Step 2
We are proud of our U.S. manufacturing heritage and feel that as the largest U.S. toy manufacturer, it is our responsibility to eliminate confusion.

Tag Toys
TAG Toys are proudly manufactured in the United States of America. Starting in a garage and growing through numerous incubator spaces TAG's current 50,000 square foot design and manufacturing plant is headquartered in Compton, California.

All American Toys
All-American Toys carries only toys which are 100% made in the USA. The toys are manufactured from start to finish in the USA. Extensive research was done to insure that this held true for all of the products.

Clayborne's Amish Furniture
All of our toys are constructed of solid wood taken from high quality North American Hardwood Trees - we do not sell any cheap pressed-wood toys.

D & Me Wood Toys
Welcome to our "Made in Montana", USA, handmade, quality, classic children's wooden toys. All of our handcrafted wood toys, made by D and ME LLP, provide hours of imaginative play for toddlers and children of all ages.

Doodle Town Toys
We make safe wooden toys for your children that will be loved and shared for generations. For over 40 years, Doodletown Toys, Inc. has specialized in designing and handcrafting imaginative, high quality wooden toys.

American Plastic Toys
We assemble 100% of the toys in our product line in the United States. Most of the components in our products are molded in our plants or purchased from US companies. Less than 4% of our toy value content is imported from the Far East.

Finga Zinga
Skill toys will always be in style; there is just something about a challenge that people can't ignore and Finga Zinga is the newest challenge on the scene. Go ahead! Get wild and crazy creative!

Green Toys
Green Toys Inc. makes an awesome line of classic children's toys constructed from recycled plastic and other environmentally friendly materials.

Amish Avenue
We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service while bringing you the finest Amish furniture and home decor available. All of our products are handcrafted in the USA, mostly in Holmes County, Ohio.

Hazelnut Kids Toy Store
We hope you'll enjoy browsing our selection of green toys, organic cotton stuffed animals, waldorf dolls, wooden toys, natural baby toys, wooden play kitchens, organic dolls, beeswax art materials, and preschool toys. BEWARE OF IMPORTS

Heirloom Wooden Toys
Guaranteed Lead Free Wooden Toys, manufactured in the USA by companies committed to safety and the environment.

Holgate Toys
Your purchase comes with our personal guarantee and pledge that all of our wood toy products are made of 100% natural kiln dried hardwoods with non-toxic paints right here in the USA.

Designed for clothes, toys, art supplies, and much much more! Ideal for school, trips and visits, beach or pool, overnights, or just play!

Kidz World Furniture
Kidz world is the leading manufacturer of children's furniture, all made in the USA. All items are built just like adult furniture with hardwood frames for a strong and long lasting product.

Beka's Natural Wood Products more than meet the bar when it comes to eco-friendly or "green" products; something we've done since our early days in the 70s...long before those terms were popular!

Knock About Toys
Built and designed for the younger truck driver. Each truck is built one at a time at our toy shop in Searsmont, Maine. Handcrafted with a combination of pine, birch, oak and maple from localsawmills and recycled lumber.

Best of New England
Best of New England is a locally owned and operated company. We have traveled New England extensively and could not believe the amount of talented, dedicated artisans that we have come across.

Little Colorado
Our hallmark has always been our attention to quality at an affordable price. You can find cheaper, less well-made children's furniture or mass produced plastic furniture.

"Made in USA" Little Tikes Toys
Little Tikes headquarters and largest manufacturing facility are located in Hudson, Ohio. The Little Tikes Company, founded in 1970, is a multi-national manufacturer and marketer of high-quality, innovative children's products.

Buchmann's Toymaker Shop
Inspired by the wooden toys that have lasted to be enjoyed by four generations in their family, the Buchmanns embarked on an endeavor in 1976 to pass on the joys of their childhood.

Loon Tune
LoonTune provides fun and a bit of exercise for nearly all ages. Both the wail and tremolo sounds of the common loon are made when using this interactive nature toy.

Lucy & Michael
Everything is heirloom-quality and handmade from the finest fabrics. They're the kinds of toys that will be played with again and again.

unastix are still manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah where we have greater control over quality and the ability to create custom batches in unique and varied color combinations.

Magic Cabin
Our special collection of Made in America toys offers wholesome, down-to-earth fun for all ages. Many of our Made in America toys are created and crafted by family-run businesses that make safety and quality construction their top priority.

Main Toys is the internet arm of the Different Drummer Workshop, handcrafters of high quality and natural finished wooden toys for kids since 1973.

Montgomery Schoolhouse
Award-winning wooden toys made in the USA since 1973, this line of classic Vermont-crafted wooden toys has been delighting parents and entertaining children.

Mountain Craft Shop Company
Most of our toys are made of native hardwoods, such as poplar, walnut, cherry, beech, or maple. The toy names may sound strange like our WhimmyDiddle and FlipperDinger, but they are the traditional names from years past.

My Unique Wooden Toys
It is our desire to build quality, wooden toys that your family will enjoy and be able to pass on to the next generation. We are constantly adding new items and invite you back often.

The Playstore
At The Playstore, we evaluate a toy based on its play value, quality, integrity, and impact on our environment. The mark of a great toy - one worth owning - is that it satisfies all four of these criteria.

My Very Own House
These collapsible cardboard playhouses easily expand to a large kids playhouse. All our cardboard playhouse products are made from bio-degradable, eco-friendly materials (including recycled content) that are formaldehyde-free and completely recyclable.

Toymaker of Maine
I've been designing, making and selling my wooden toys for over 25 years. My wife Bonny and I offer my hand-made products and other, high-quality, USA made products from local artisans.

Nort Star Toys
North Star has been making high quality, non-toxic wooden toys at affordable prices for children of all ages since 1979. We are a green business that offers simple toys to stimulate creative, imaginative play.

Time 4 Felt
Our felts are made by Story Time Felts and they make great gifts for many occasions like birthday parties, baptisms, teacher appreciation, Preschool and Kindergarten graduation, good grades and more!

Old Fashioned Blocks
Old Fashioned Blocks / Educational Concepts, Inc is a wood shop located in Rhode Island and dedicated to building high quality old fashioned wooden blocks and other wooden toys. We are a "Made in the USA" manufacturer.

Hardwood Toys
Welcome to Hardwood Toys, where I handcraft wooden toys for children of all ages. The interactive eight car wooden train shown above is my top seller.

Toys of USA
Welcome to Toys of USA, the very best online selection of high quality Toys Made In USA! This is where you will find the most extensive variety of truly American Made Toys.

Our Green House
After years of helping people keep their homes safe, we discovered many wonderful products that we could share. Our goal is to inspire clean, natural living by providing healthy homes to families.

Toys From Times Past
Specializing in beautifully handcrafted wooden toys that have passed the test of time. Made in America.

Uncle Pete's Wood Toys
Our toys are coated with a non-toxic, child-safe toy oil. This oil is especially formulated for use on wood toys and is approved by the F.D.A. for use on items which may have contact with food.

Poof Slinky
POOF-Slinky, Inc. is the exclusive manufacturer of POOF, Slinky, Ideal, and Innovative by Nature Brand Toys. The company has been in business for over 60 years serving customers around the globe.

Under the Green Roof
All of our wood toys are locally handcrafted and all of our wooden toys, wood letters, and wood jumping jacks are finished in a durable, non-toxic finish.

U.S. Made Toys
Plenty of good stuff is made in lots of different places for some really good reasons. But who takes their fun more seriously than the the good people of the United States?! We are a big online toy-store.

S. Claus Wooden Toys
S. CLAUSson Toys has been providing quality Wood Toys since our founding in 1981. It is our mission to provide well made reasonably priced wood products with an emphasis on prompt delivery and good service.

Sanders Handcrafted Toys
We offer a full line of handmade wooden toy trucks, trains, handmade push-pull toys, bookends and crayon holders guaranteed to stimulate the imagination of children of all ages.

Wild Apples
Wild Apples specializes in wooden animal toys and Noah's Arks. Situated in the heart of New York State's Finger Lakes region we use local hardwoods including cherry, oak and walnut.

Seasons Natural Toys
Seasons Natural Toys is dedicated to inspiring and expanding Children's imagination and love of nature by creating enchanting wee worlds where imaginary play has no boundaries!

Whimsey Woods
Every piece of our high quality, solid wood furniture is individually handpainted to order. Just choose your favorite piece and design, pick your own colors, and add personalization or even an inscription; we'll handle the rest!

Whitney Brothers
We use the finest hardwoods and veneers and traditional joinery methods for superior strength. Edges and corners are rounded smoothly and finished by hand. Our finishes are nontoxic and clean up quickly, and everything we make is GREENGUARD Certified.

Skullduggery has been manufacturing fossil replicas, craft kits, and toys in the United States since 1987. We offer high quality replicas and unique, award-winning toys for children of all ages.

Steffy Wood
Childrens toys, furniture and storage, "Made in USA".

Willow Toys
Willow Toys is the only manufacturer of natural wooden toy kitchens that ships fully assembled, 100% real wood (no plywood) wooden play kitchens.

Wood That's Fun
We offer trucks, trains, cars, board puzzles, name stools and more. All our toys are hand-made using natural woods such as maple, Baltic birch, pine and aspen.

Wood Gamz
We are your number one resource for cornhole boards, cornhole bags, complete sets and more. Based out of Columbus, Ohio, Woodgamz is the low cost leader of cornhole products.

World's Greatest Bath Boats
Our boats are toys first and foremost, but since the beginning, we've built each boat with an eye toward durability.

he whole idea is that you design a creature and we turn it in actual stuffed toys, stickers, blankets, clothes and more. Every Xoddo is as unique as the person who created it.

Flexible Flyer Swing Sets
Just as in years gone by Flexible Flyer Swing Sets offer a high-quality, traditional toy alternative for today's children, encouraging both exercise and use of the imagination.

Spring Swings
Spring Swings & More is a leading specialty toy manufacturer of the highest quality outdoor, backyard, residential play products. Spring Swings & More has created lasting, durable, and safe backyard and residential playground toys.

Yard Candy designs and manufactures a unique line of children's sandbox products.

Choo Choo Track & Toy Co.
We specialize in the manufacture of quality wooden track and accessories that are compatible with Thomas the Tank Engine, Brio and many other fine wooden track systems.

All American Toy Co.
Sixty-five years ago, the All American Toy Company of Salem, Oregon started casting toy trucks, 1/12th scale and made of die cast aluminum with steel frames and rubber tires. These trucks were not only handsome, they were rugged.

Blu Track
While we are very proud of our full color retail packaging, we realize that some customers want a more eco-friendly packaging option or in some cases it is more eco-friendly to discount product than to scrap packaging.

Hartland Locomotive Works
Hartland specializes in high-quality, affordable G-Scale Locomotives and Rolling Stock: coaches, freight cars and cabooses. We also manufacture brass and aluminum track and other accessories for the Garden Railroader.

Train Tables Online
There's no reason to stash this child play table out of sight, in the basement or playroom. Our multi-activity tables are "Made in USA" with furniture grade solid hardwoods lead free and made to last a lifetime

Our 1:64 scale die-cast metal trucks are built with components, such as the grill, headlights, fuel tanks and exhaust tanks that interlock with the die-cast metal truck body.

Whittle Shortline RailRoad
We are the home of the #1 American-made wooden toy trains. Our handcrafted railcars are made from reforested birch hardwood offering durability to outlast most childhoods.

Aerofast Industries
Aero-Fast vintage bicycles, Emory cruiser bikes, industrial bicycles and unicycles

American Whistle
Only the best for your favorite coach, official, police officer, teacher or anyone else you've known to blow a whistle!

Since 1984, Aerobie brand sport toys have been known to provide exciting performance while encouraging physical activity involving skill and exercise.

Arrowcopter Toy
Made in the United States, the original Arrowcopter Toy is attractively packaged in clear bubblepack, easy to display, easy to find!

Kazoobie Kazoos
Manufacturers of "Made In The USA" Best Quality Plastic Kazoos and Web Store for all kinds of kazoos and other Americana Musical Instruments

YoYoJam is an entirely USA based company manufacturing in West Palm Beach Florida and distributing from Fort Valley Georgia.

Roy Toy
Our wood log building sets are made from 100% USA materials, with food-grade dyes used to provide color. Our building sets can be configured in an unlimited number of ways, providing hours of imaginative play.

Shrinky Dinks
People from all over the world, ages 4 to 90 years are creating items from our line of SHRINKY DINKS shrinkable plastic sheets

Jump Rope Store
For over 45 years, The Jump Rope Store has manufactured the Olympic Jump Rope with custom colors and sizes at the factory in Portland, Oregon.

Fractiles, Inc.
Fractiles, Inc. is a Colorado Corporation formed in 1998. Geometry is one of the Seven Medieval Arts intended to liberate us from a mundane life.

Taurus Toy
Taurus Toy manufactures all of our Block-N-Roll building blocks and marble maze construction systems in the USA! We our proud to be a Pennsylvania manufacturer.

Keva Planks
We sacrifice conventional profit margins to manufacture in America. However, American technology along with our great KEVA team, enable us to make practically perfect planks.

Lock Robots
Due to their unique design and interconnecting features, Lockrobots are multi-functional, with simple and complex aspects. Making them fun and educational for boys and girls of all ages!

Old Fashioned Blocks
Old Fashioned Blocks / Educational Concepts, Inc is a wood shop located in Rhode Island and dedicated to building high quality old fashioned wooden blocks and other wooden toys.

Smart Monkey Toys
Amazing things happen when you put small children in front of a pile of ImagiBRICKS. They see endless possibilities

Tucker-Jones House, Inc.
Tavern Puzzles are reproductions of a type of puzzle traditionally forged by blacksmiths to amuse their friends at country taverns and inns.

Stack and Stick
Each set of Stack and Stick block set is proudley manufactured in the U.S. We use only select hard maple lumber which has been harvested from timber lots in the U.S.

Linking the geometry of the ancient Greeks to quantum physics, from inner space to outer space, Zometool is positioned to be the basis of spatial interpretation for the new millennium.

Ballpark Classics
Hitting, pitching, walks, home runs, strategy-its all here, except for the smell of freshly mowed grass. Were working on that!

We know you'll enjoy our beautiful and challenging puzzles. While you're here you'll want to see our different Scramble Squares puzzles.

Mason Corporation
We are equally proud of our indoor and outdoor playgrounds and water slides. They are all custom-designed to meet our customers' needs. Theming our units to enhance play value is no problem.

The Puzzled One
At The Puzzled One you will find heirloom quality wooden puzzles & toys at low prices. All 100% handmade in the USA. The puzzles and toys are heirloom quality, designed to become treasures that will last from generation to generation.

Laughing Moon
Our work has been featured in numerous publications, galleries, museums and specialty stores throughout the world. They have licensed designs since 1986 to several major companies including Silvestrie and Kurt S. Adler (Santa's World).

Tigercandy Arts
In addition to making fantastic, family friendly, battery-free products Tigercandy Arts, Inc supports American labor and small business. We never sacrifice quality or safety in favor of overseas production.

Bears Direct
Welcome to Bears-Direct, your direct Internet connection to all of your favorite bear artists from around the World.

Big Plush
From 12" to five-plus feet tall, these "Made in USA" Super sized stuffed toys are customizable and can be personalized with t-shirts, hearts, ribbons, hats, tatoos and songs.

Brazos Valley Bears
Our personalized American made gift teddy bears are handmade in the USA, from all American components. Each antique style teddy bear comes with a collar that you can add a standard or personalized message.

Country Critters And More
Handcrafted country dolls,handbags,kitchen things and wreaths made in the USA with Pride. Decorate your home & office they would look great in any room. They make great gifts too!

'EmBears handcrafted bears bring joy to children (and adults) of all ages. We offer a variety of teddy bears and stuffed animals.

Heir Bears
Heir Bears are created from recycled and pre-owned fur coats found at estate sales, thrift shops, yard sales, or hiding in the back of someone's closet.

Kathy's Kreations
These beautiful hand-crafted stuffed animal designs will delight your senses with detail, authenticity, and lifelike amazement. Kathy has designed and created stuffed animals, since 1982.

What we have is fun, useful and will make a memorable difference in any childs life. The Hugg-A-Planet, Earth is one of those unique toys the whole family can use.

Stuffington Bear
Every animal wearing the Stuffington Bear Factory brand is made in our USA manufacturing facility in Phoenix, Arizona. We also use American-made materials in the production of our animals, whenever possible.

Sunshine Teddy Bears
Each Sunshine Teddy Bear is hand sewn from a variety of fur colors and styles and is fully jointed. Their trademark oversized ears add to the appeal of these wondrous creatures that bring love, comfort and joy to the homes and hearts of their owners.

Teddy Bear Artists
All of our bears as well as their pals are hand made teddy bears. We have bears and pals made from various mohairs, and real fur bears from recycled fur coats, as well as other materials.

Whendis Bears
Each piece is handmade the traditional way. They are made to look old and time-worn, using only the finest materials such as English mohair for the bodies and wood wool for the eyes and buttons.

Adorable Doll Clothes
Sweet baby doll clothes in a variety of styles and sizes. Affordable, handmade clothes for your collectible dolls. Shop for dolls like the American Girl doll, doll shoes, doll accessories.

Berry Patch Dolls
Berry Patch Dolls are thBerry Patch Dolls logpe original creations. Every new face takes months of work and preparation before it makes it's debut. Each doll is carefully constructed and painted in stages to achieve depth and realism.

Chalora Crafts
Our goal is to make kids smile and have fun! To make the most inexpensive, easiest to use, colorful Barbie and Ken outfits that your money can buy.

Chris Miller Dolls
Welcome to Couture Doll Clothing designed by Chris Miller. A Journey of the Heart is the celebration of the artistry of this award-winning doll designer.

Doll Fashions Unlimited
Custom and stock doll clothes Made in the USA for 18 inch Dolls.

Dolls by Margie
Our dolls are all handcrafted right here in Mercersburg, PA out of the finest materials available. The dolls are 28 tall with porcelain heads, arms and legs, which are made from the best porcelain.

MAZ Originals
Hand-made Doll Clothing and Stuffed Animals made right here in the Pennsylvania Dutch Country!

Middleton Doll
Dolls by Middleton Doll set the standard for excellence. Middleton Doll captured the beauty and innocence of childhood more than 30 years ago, and the company's commitment to quality continues today.

Sewing by Adrienne
These quality handmade outfits are made to fit Mattel's 11.5" Barbie Doll but will likely fit other 11.5" dolls. All outfits are tried on by Barbie to ensure proper fit.

Toys and Dolls Made in USA
We only carry Made In The USA toys and Dolls. Instead of spending all your money on gas to drive everywhere searching for the best toys and doll.

Lady Anne Dolls
where you can purchase Lady Anne dolls and also most major manufacturers doll lines. Dolls by designers like Virginia Turner of Turner Dolls, Linda Rick of The Doll Maker, Adora vinyl dolls the Name your Baby line and their limited editions.

Camden Rose
Camden Rose has created a niche offering solid wooden items made in the United States by skilled craftspeople. As seen in our product line, we prefer high quality hardwoods which impart a sense of warmth and comfort.

Martin Dollhouses
All of our dollhouses and other Heirloom Toy products are uniquely designed ORIGINALS by (NU-CUT Wood Products, LLC). Creative designs that lead the way with many standard features.

Storyboard Toys
Our philosophy is to design and produce toys we enjoy playing with ourselves! ArtHouse and ArtHouse decor kits are entirely American-made with a conscientious commitment to quality, safety, the environment, and fair business practices.

Greenleaf Dollhouses
Greenleaf Dollhouses are manufactured in Schenevus, NY, right along with the Corona Concepts line of products! This means more choices of dollhouses all shipping from the same location.

Real Good Toys
Real Good Toys, Inc. is a Vermont woodworking manufacturing company, handcrafting dollhouses and doll house kits since 1972. Today, RGT enjoys a major national image and exports worldwide.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like them listed here.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like to buy your product.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like them listed here.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like to buy your product.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like them listed here.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like to buy your product.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like them listed here.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like to buy your product.

Your Toys Here
There are still some manufacturers that produce toys in America, American consumers would like them listed here.