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This website is for listing products that are "Made in USA" by U.S. based or subsidiaries of foreign corporations.
This website lists only products that are "Made in USA" or "Assembled in USA" in accordance with the FTC regulations, Complying with the Made in USA Standard.

It is not to be construed, assumed or otherwise indicative that the listed manufacturers support, aprove of and/or endorse our sponsoring organization.

We DO NOT charge a fee to list products or manufacturers, we do not expect nor require a reciprocal listing of or its sponsoring organization.

If you wish to list any products on the website, please include the website and product categories as indicated on our directory to the right. If you do not see a category that best fits the product, please suggest one.
We will only list products "Made in USA" or are predominately "Assembled in USA".
We will not list products that may be manufactured and/or assembled in other countries as well as the United States.
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Other "Made in USA" Product Listing Websites

These are for profit and nonprofit based organizations that provide listings of products that are "Made in USA", these organizations may also sell the products listed on their websites.
If you have or know of a free "Made in USA" listing/website that you wish to have linked from our website, please email us the website address to

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